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Our Mission

“To revolutionize real estate by setting new standards for value and ushering in a new era that embraces technology, efficiency, innovation, and people alike”


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Five reasons to join Starlink Realty

Commission choices, choices... and more choices.

You pick the commission plan.  Every quarter of every year.  It’s not tied to your production, just pure freedom.

You're the Customer!

We consider you to be our customer, not buyers and sellers.

We know what you need to succeed, and provide it.
  1. Value
  2. Training
  3. Support
  4. Technology
  5. Community

We've built the services that help you run your business.
  • Technology services, websites, and marketing tools.
  • Integrated Title Services and Short Sales specialists.
  • Agent training and team services available.
  • Premium office services with private space.

Happy agents, lots of them.

Our unique business model allows us to keep your operating costs extremely low.

Why consider a switch at Starlink Realty?

Because it could be your smartest career move ever!

We represent a unique approach to a full service Brokerage.  The real estate industry is a fast moving business. So fast, that many Brokerages have difficulty keeping up with the relentless change.  We built Starlink Realty to be light on its feet, lean, and inexpensive; yet solid as a rock. We not only embrace change, we also drive it.

Ask any of our agents why they love Starlink Realty and you’ll hear a variety of answers.  The only one that matters is the one that applies to you.  So we’ve developed a quick and easy 1-minute “quiz” to help you determine if contemplating a move to our company warrants further consideration.

It’s fast, easy, free, and of course, confidential.  Ready?  Set?  Go!

If you need your Brokerage to provide you with leads and have a floor-time mentality, then we are not for you. Move along. Nothing to see here.

If you want to receive every lead that each of your listings generate without fail, then you think like a Starlink Realty agent.

If you want mandatory sales meetings and rah-rah sessions with your Brokerage around the water cooler, we don’t have any, and you’ll be disappointed.

If you want to explore your unique business opportunities, and develop a creative, strategic winning formula, then you speak our language.

If you want to split your earnings with a Brokerage that does very little to earn it, you should look elsewhere.

If you want to maximize your efforts and earn ALL OF YOUR COMMISSION (to the penny), then you need to see what we’re all about.

If your real estate career is brand new, we can help you install some great systems and best of all, a winning mentality.

If you are planning to build (or already have) a team, then you definitely need to see our approach to team environments. HINT: We’ll pay you.


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