The Formula For Real Estate Success

Starlink Realty, Inc. Est 2006

Starlink Realty International positions Realtor agents for success by providing extensive subject matter expertise, comprehensive tools, cutting-edge technology, and superior training. We've distilled the components of success down to the simplest formula R=st².


Results = Support X Training and Technology

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Realtor Agents

$409M+ Sales
in 2022

Technology that drives your success

We provide you with industry leading technologies that top agents utilize such as, KV Core, Dotloop, Raindance, Agent 3000 and David Knox training. Your first step to outperform the competition begins here.

KV Core
  • Your Business on autopilot.
  • IDX Powered website
  • Smart CRM + 50 other tools
  • Your transactions in the cloud
  • Digital signatures
  • Cloud Storage
  • Dive deep into the digital tools of real estate sales.
  • Understand the mindset of customers and how to get inside their head.
  • Learn cost-effective, modern ways to execute real branding.
  • Instant Designs
  • Upgrade your brand
  • Property Flyers
  • Personalized Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Website Development & Lead Generation
  • Digital Marketing & Conversions

Support is on your side

When you make a commitment to become a part of the Starlink Community, we make a commitment to be there to support your dreams and accomplishments. Along with technology, tools and training, we will provide you with the subject matter expertise to guide you through your transactions. Think of us as; your personal team of professionals dedicated to helping you reach the top of your profession. R=st²


Follow the Formula for Superior Results

Top 10% of agent performance is always the goal at Starlink Realty. This is important for both the agents and their clients. For buyers and sellers, our goal is to create top-tier Realtor agents to help them achieve their goals alongside well-trained professionals.

For agents, focusing on anything other than the top 10% is an acceptance of the bottom 90%. Since agents are statistically 87% likely to fail out of the industry within 5 years (NAR), we feel this is the only goal to focus on.

Starlink Realty

New Agents

Learn the contract basics with our proprietary RE101 Course. Build and develop your confidence as you engage with your circle. Lay down the foundation of a successful real estate career by following a comprehensive learning environment that allows your own creative input. Our courses are designed to induce growth, performance, and success. All leading to the top 10%.

Rising Stars

Mid-career agents need special attention. The industry is in transition, and technology is leading the change. Our proprietary courses R.E.D as well as B.A.M.S provide direct, effective, modern tools to maximize the opportunities, and help our agents understand the nuances of this new business landscape. We position our agents to win in this challenging environment.


Top producing teams are the drivers of the industry. They are the lynchpins and they connect buyers, sellers, technology, and results. Our approach to working with teams includes team theory, leverage, systems, specific coaching, and a proprietary commission model that is based on 100% control by the team leader. This is one of our most innovative programs.

Starlink Commission Plans

Commission flexibility built-in. Select the plan that best suits your business and needs, and change it as often as every 90 days.

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